New Work

I have started down another lane for creating my artwork. My new obsession is cut-paper art. It started out as a way to be creative on the fly in my sketchbook with abstract pieces that were leftovers in my scrap box. I liked the process so much that I decided to pursue it further. Using up discarded work and found paper, I now cut them up and turn them into 3D collages.


2018 – My Personal Top 9 on Instagram

Although I think it’s really fun to look at the top 9 Instagram posts for the year, on this last day of the year, I thought I would share my personal favorites. Pictures that mark a milestone, time or event that are special to me and for which I am thankful. Not shown in these pictures are my husband and son, who I am so,so grateful, who bring me up and cheer me on everyday to make my art dream a reality. For without their support, there would be no top 9.


1. I am grateful for my sketchbooks. A place where I can communicate my true self, without judgement and fear.

2. For Kellee Wynne and @experiencetrucolors community. One of my pieces was selected for a Color Crush Creative color palette at the beginning of the year. I am so thankful for this great group of like minded artists.

3. Sixteen years ago, we started @shopresoul on a hunch that people could appreciate beautiful shoes. I visit Italy twice a year and never tire of it. The Navigli is like a second home to me and I am so thankful that I get to cross it’s bridges on my way to the trade show so I can capture shots like this.

4. I entered a contest @minted on a whim and was jury selected to sell art on there site. A major boost of confidence.

5. A found picture of my parents who are no longer with us. I will be forever grateful to @gr8ful_1_ for unearthing this beautiful picture of my mom and dad.

6. A fun day with my friend @mishazadeh learning how to make Pysanka eggs with @miishka_handbags.

7. Getting ready for my first out of state art show with @rockpaperscissorsgoods in Minneapolis. So grateful for the opportunity.

8. When I found out that making collages on the fly could be fun, less time consuming and a great exercise in staying creative, even when you only have 20 minutes.

9. My real aha moment when I started to create my Smoke and Mirrors series. I had my first show at a local coffee shop and sold 6 pieces. Major confidence boost!

All in all, a pretty great 2018! I hope you have a great new year filled with love, peace and prosperity! Thank you for stopping by.


I’m Positive, You’re Negative

Taking pieces that I have painted and cut, collaging them digitally to create a new theme. I am calling them Positive & Negative.  A new series that I have submitted to Minted for a challenge in collaboration with West Elm.





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Smoke and Mirrors

For the month of September, I will be showing a collection of 14 works at Cafe Fiore. This group of acrylic and pen studies were inspired by the peripheral aspects of our social lives. In particular the aspects of social media. Everything is faster, shinier, glossy and not entirely authentic. Sound bites, memes and filtered photographs present a culture of prosperity, vivacity and delight, when in reality they are snippets of who we are or in some cases who we want the world to see.

My work is improvisational and constructed in the moment. Mark making with acrylic paint is laid down first and then detailed with pen and ink. The color palette is intentionally minimal for this series. Black and white combined make grey. Just like our lives, the conditions of  our existence are not so concrete, we commingle. Life is messy, complicated and beautiful. Gold and metallics are added to create a world of opulence. A signification of wealth, prosperity and substance. My work allows the viewer to slow down and observe with the eye asking hopefully the questions, what is true, what is false? Here are a few samples.

Update: Extended through October 2018.