Smoke and Mirrors

For the month of September, I will be showing a collection of 14 works at Cafe Fiore. This group of acrylic and pen studies were inspired by the peripheral aspects of our social lives. In particular the aspects of social media. Everything is faster, shinier, glossy and not entirely authentic. Sound bites, memes and filtered photographs present a culture of prosperity, vivacity and delight, when in reality they are snippets of who we are or in some cases who we want the world to see.

My work is improvisational and constructed in the moment. Mark making with acrylic paint is laid down first and then detailed with pen and ink. The color palette is intentionally minimal for this series. Black and white combined make grey. Just like our lives, the conditions of  our existence are not so concrete, we commingle. Life is messy, complicated and beautiful. Gold and metallics are added to create a world of opulence. A signification of wealth, prosperity and substance. My work allows the viewer to slow down and observe with the eye asking hopefully the questions, what is true, what is false? Here are a few samples.

Update: Extended through October 2018.


The Struggle

This is my first post to my website. I will try to tell a little bit of my story in future posts. But for now just a short one will have to do.

My head has been filled with so many ideas lately. Ideas for my shop (re-souL), ideas on my next show in September, ideas for how to monetize my art. I’m starting to feel the struggle to keep up and the drain on my brain.

That said, art is my therapy. My studio is my refuge. But, what do you do when even your sane place starts to feel like work?

I decided to play. If I cannot get some quality time in the studio to do big projects, I surely can do something fun for 15 to 30 minutes a day to keep up with my practice and to keep the pressure off.  So I decided to cut up some old paintings on paper that were FAILS and find something new to do with them. I call them Colour Forms. Remember Color Forms? Shapes and colors to illustrate and stick? Anyway, that’s what my little cut pieces of painted are to me. Here are a few samples of some compositions as of late.